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Our Sevices.

Translation, editing, proof-reading

Our company provides excellent document services through various languages in:

- Translation

- Editing

- Proof-reading

Documents involved includes: Annual reports, Newsletters, Budged speech, Integrated Development Plans, Advertisements etc

Interpreting Services

Our company provides interpreting services all over South Africa in various languages. (see language combinations)

- Simultaneous Interpreting

- Consecutive Interpreting

Recording & Transcription

Our company provides professional recording & transcription services of:

- Meeting proceedings

- Hearing proceedings

- Conference proceedings

- Interviews etc

Source media- mp3, audio tapes, video tapes etc


Document productions

Our company offers excellent documents production services in various languages(see language combinations) thus includes:

- Writing of copy

- Editing of copy

- Translation of copy (depending on client's specifications)

- Photography

- Design & layout

- Printing

We produce all kinds of documents which includes: Newsletters, Annual reports, Intergated Development Plans, Budget plans etc


Supply of publications

We also supply books, newspapers, journals, magazines on request.

Training and Development

Our company provides training and development through workshops and seminars in:

- Languages

- Sign Language

- Translation

- Interpreting

- Lexicography

- Terminology Development

Language Consulting

Our company provides consultation services in:

- Language policy analysis, monitoring & development

- Language related research & survey

- Language awareness

- General language advisory

Language Combinations

1. South African Languages

-Afrikaans English IsiNdebele -Sepedi -TshiVenda -Xitsonga -IsiZulu -IsiXhosa -Setswana -Sesotho -IsiSwati -Sign Language

2. Major African Languages

-Arabic -French -Nama/Damara -Otjiherero -Portuguese (Angola) -Portuguese (Mozambique) -Shona -Swahili

3. International Languages

-French -German -Italian -Portuguese -Spanish

Our Clients